03 ram 2wd #6 cylinder broke intake valve spring how hard to change? on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

is it possible valve is damaged? do I have to pull motor to change these springs and if so at 198000 miles would i be better off changing the motor? any idea how long it takes to remove/ replace this engine?

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Can remove rockers, with an adapter pump 100+ psi air pressure into that cyl., if valves hold this pressure, valve spring can be replaced while air is being pumped in. If no pressure builds in cyl, the head will have to be removed for inspection!
IF NOT EQUIPPED, SEE MECHANIC!! This is just to let you know what can be done! I am not saying you should attempt this unless you are equipped and have the propper equipment!
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do not try yourself get it done by a prof you could cause more issues