03 Dodge 1500 p0172 rough idle, stutters @ 1500rpm between 45-55 on 2003 Dodge Ram 1500

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I had recieved a reman head from advance auto for my 03 ram 1500, got it all together and noticed that the head they gave me had an egr port on the front of it, bought a block off and installed that, when its running it idles at 600 after warming up at 800, between 45 and 55 @ 1500rpm i get a bad shake like a misfire, checked the plugs(new bosch platinums, wires as well) after i pulled the cylinder 8 injector plug and noticed no change. they were fine, swapped the coil with number 2, still no change when pulling the injector plug on cylinder 8, swapped MAP sensor with a new one, and pulled the intake to look at the seals and make sure there were no leaks. Also double checked the pushrods on that head to make sure they were seated correctly. Im at a loss, any ideas?
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