03 4runner 4.7 2wd auto will not start. replaced starter w/ new same result. on 2003 Toyota 4Runner

replaced starter (had old one tested and was bad) but still has same problem. batt is good, turn key and all electric inside works but will not engage starter. checked all fuses with amp meter. it was quite a job to replace, any help would be much appreciated.thanks

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Neutral safety switch, or poor battery to starter or ground to engine Connections. Universal battery connections? Take them apart and clean them.
we checked all the connections first thing before digging down to the starter. how do i check the neutral saftey switch? we did check the battery connections just to be sure. they were clean to begin with, but knew it wouldn't hurt to pull and clean them and the battery a bit with a wire brush. thanks for your time
Will it start in neutral, and is the engine ground clean and good. Are you getting B+ at the yel/blk wire at the starter relay.
I did try to start it in neutral but that was before replacing the starter. I completely forgot about that. i will give that a try tomorrow and double check the ground. thanks again
Posted some more on my last post.
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