02 Sensors reading bad, only affects driving during summer on 1998 Honda Civic

I have a 98 honda civic lx that Im trying to keep for no more than a year. Recently I had power issues and replaced the alternator, turned out to be just the fuse, which is #15 on my car. I had a shop run car through test, and they told me that the o2 sensors were reading bad. I had 02 sensors replaced at a shop(payed way too much) 3 years ago. Last summer my car started dying while I was driving at low speeds or idling, sometimes I could tell it was about to and keep it going, other times it would just die with no notice, power and everything. It seemed to do it more when car had been out in the sun for awhile, or during hotter weather.Once fall and winter came, it stopped happing. Well now that warmer weather is here, its happening again. It takes several times to start it when in the sun, it will start up but then immediately die. I have the power issue resolved, but Im thinking the ongoing problem is the o2 sensors. Am I going to damage the car more if I just deal with it? Or could I get another year out of it before it gets worse?

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Coolant tempture SENSOR, not the guage sending unit. Maybe! Mechanic with scanner can check.
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scan codes and post if any. you may have another issue causing o2 to go bad prematurely. what brand of o2 sensors did he install