? on a popping noise on 1995 Mercury Tracer

I have a popping noising and it sounds like it is coming from the drivers'side, the check engine light will come on and when it pops it looses power and either dies or rpms get low. This is my daily driver and i'm scared to drive it on the hwy cause it makes the popping noise at hwy speed. Someone said my muffler or part of my exhaust could be clogged or something else Please help

by in Sauk City, WI on February 09, 2011
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ANSWER by on February 09, 2011
knowing the code would help us in our suggestions. you can get a free code pull from autozone or pepboys. it sounds like a backfire from the motor. your motor has a common failure for valve seats that collapse and could cause this condition. a missfire code, if it is, could show what cylinder is failing. Roy
COMMENT by on February 09, 2011
Would the misfire cause it to pop right away when starting and when it idles in the morning it will also either drop the rpms or it will die, but either start right back up or hesitate to start?
COMMENT by on February 09, 2011
yes it would. depends on the position of the valve. get a compression test at a shop and a leak down test to confirm. it will continue to run but not very well. Roy
COMMENT by on February 09, 2011
k, so should i just say forget it and go get new plugs and wires
COMMENT by on February 09, 2011
dont know if it will help but give it a shot. good luck Roy
COMMENT by on February 09, 2011
So i should just take it to a shop if the car will make it. Someone told me that it mite be the exhaust plugged, I do put a different converter on but nothing after that is new
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