? on a mercury tracer on 1995 Mercury Tracer

I is the compress or voltage for a good fuel pump? and i have never tested a fuel pump before could someone give me an idea how to thanks

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The pressure specification is in the range of 30 to 45 PSI. The voltage at the pump with the key on, engine off should be 12 volts. With the engine running, the voltage should be about 9 volts at idle and 13 volts over 3500 RPM.
Fuel pressure testing is hazardous, therefore take fire and fuel spray precautions. You also need a proper gauge for testiing. You can test the pressure at the valve on the hard fuel line on the injector supply lines.
k, just needing to know. The car has a chug when u accelerate, then after couple sec it gets up and go's I have replaced the cam sensor, throttle sensor, plugs, wires, fuel filter, coil pack, i have checked the intake lines they seem to be k, the only one that looks bad and dry rotted is the one from the motor to air intake