@ CLEARING OBDII FOR SMOG on 1998 Mitsubishi Mirage

Is there any other way of running and resetting monitor to bring system to SMOG READINESS? We performed drive cycle and customer drove @ 200 miles. The OBDII is still reading "NOT READY", incomplete,cannot finalize smog. Everything else, emmisions etc... have passed. Thanks.

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Which monitors have not passed? I'll look then to see what the criteria is to get those monitors passed.
See if you can get hold of a Technical Service Bulletin 03-13-005 issued by Mitsubishi May 2003, it addresses the problem with this Mirage not passing monitors. I think even calling the Clean Air Research Burea can get you access to this TSB.
none of the monitors have passed pertaining to emmiassions. Thanks.

Thanks I will do that.