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1990 Lexus LS400 Question:   both cigarette lighters are not working and the 15amp fuse is not blown

I got a 1990 Lexus from my dads friends dad. Every things great with the car except that after using my phone charger without problem, ( in both cigarette lighters). All of a sudden they both lost power. I checked the fuses but they are okay. What else could it be and how to do I fix? Thanks ; ) -
Answer 1
did you check the fuse in the charger end?? there is a fuse in there as well. Roy -
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Hi Roy, Thanks for your reply. Do you mean in the car charger itself? Because I tried the charger in my friends car and it worked fine. -
Answer 2
There is a blue 15 amp fuse in the fuse box marked CIG feeds both lighters with power, inside car under dash steering column side. -
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i checked it and it was good....I read in the book something about maybe checking the fusible link. Does that sound right? -